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the kkk took my baby away

2009-05-07 01:51:53 by paradox9

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hell yea


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2009-05-07 01:54:08

manson isnt my thing, its not badass enough, try some Johhny Truant, then we will talk

paradox9 responds:

listen to agoraphobic nosebleed if you want brutal and hardcore, or anal cunt, maybe some canible corpse for good measure


2009-05-07 01:57:57

lol anal cunt, i remember them, maybe i will try some of that greatness thx buddy

paradox9 responds:

aawesome np :D, i like the brutal hardcore stuff the dark stuff the punk rock stuff i could go on but i cba LOL


2009-05-13 16:57:37 ost/311415

paradox9 responds:

this happened


2009-05-24 19:40:15

That 'blurb about you part'....I read it as "can I thrust you". In my defense, I need a higher prescription for my glasses/contacts.

paradox9 responds:

this would seem to be an accurate representation of the crab paste


2009-05-25 17:14:49


paradox9 responds:

allegedly, this never happened


2009-05-29 17:43:43

I LOL at youre emo hair cut my good sir.

paradox9 responds:


that pics old now i need a hair cut


2009-06-06 20:57:31

Haha, what a shitty cover of a good song.

paradox9 responds:

never heard the original, but i like this